Party Pants
Party Pants

Party Pants


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Party pants, party pants! They are finally here. Weowwwww! The most fun, floaty, roomy, pant of your whole ass life! Perfect for all activities. Napping? ideal. Cartwheeles? Yeh buddy. Eating the most? Yes mam. They have a thiccc waste band for comfyness ( these ones have a paper bag waist ) and security so they wont move on ya, also so your belly can expand if the opportunity should pop up. All party pants have a long rise on them too and are made to be worn high rise.

These ones have been made out of a gorgeous vintage floral. Ooo la la  

Party Pants can be worn by many sizes

Waist - (unstretched) - 78cm (stretched) - 116cm
Length (Waist to Hem) - 86cm