Made in Your Size

When you get your Sloan piece there will be no size on the tag, instead, there will be ‘made in your size’.

As soon as I decided to make adult clothing I was adamant about holding onto this idea. Over the years, I remember looking down at the number on the back of a piece of clothing and either being heartbroken or delighted by what my body fit into. And that’s rubbish. No number should be able to have that much control over how you feel about yourself.

Clothes are meant to serve us, to make us feel beautiful, confident and comfortable. I never want anyone to feel less than worthy of wearing a piece I have made for them. So replacing the number with ‘made in your size’ makes more sense to me. There will be general sizing when ordering, or you will need to supply a bust and length measurement but as far as it being stitched on your clothes, it’s not happening. Everything is a loose fit and free fitting which will give your body room to change through its different seasons.

Here at Sloan, we believe in inclusivity so whatever size you may be we are here for you.